Develop your strategic planning in a practical and collaborative way


With the SPCanvas develop the strategic planning has become a much more dynamic and collaborative process.

The strategic planning is a management process very important and critical for organizations of all sizes and sectors.


Unlike what some people imagine, develop a strategic plan is not an exercise of divination of the future, but a process through which we define the goals of the organization and establish the ways in which the organization will achieve them.


A good planning drives the company in the right direction, helping her to anticipate the threats, seize opportunities and make the changes / improvements necessary for their continued and sustained growth. 


The participation of the largest possible number of stakeholders (stockholders, owners, executives, employees from different areas and levels in the organization, partners, etc.) in the development process of the strategic planning brings as a result a more realistic planning and aligned with the different expectations and views of those involved, resulting in a greater commitment of all in implementing the outlined strategies and achievement of defined objectives.


But getting the involvement of stakeholders in an efficient way in the development of strategic planning is not always an easy task for organizations.

The Strategic Planning Canvas - SPCanvas- was created to be a tool to support the development of strategic planning in an interactive and collaborative way, effectively involving stakeholders throughout the process.


The SPCanvas also serves as a communication tool to publicize / disseminate strategic planning in the organization.


The model was tested over nearly three years in workshops held throughout Brazil to reach its version 3.0, and it continues to evolve to add improvements that make the development process of strategic planning increasingly simple, interactive, collaborative, efficient and enjoyable to perform.


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Excel Workbook - SPCanvas and PSACanvas 3.0 - English

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