Livro Planejamento Estratégico e Alinhamento Estratégico de Projetos

Strategic Planning and Project Strategic Alignment - A practical guide applying the SPCanvas and PSACanvas models

Author: Adilson Pize

Editor: Brasport

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Strategic planning is a management process of great importance and critical for organizations of all sizes and sectors. Good planning drives the company in the right direction, helping it anticipate threats, seize opportunities, and make the necessary changes / improvements to its continued and sustained growth. The SPCanvas - Strategic Planning Canvas - was created to support the development of strategic planning in an interactive and collaborative way, effectively involving stakeholders throughout the process, also serving as a communication tool to disseminate strategic planning in the organization.

In addition to this, the selection and prioritization of projects should consider the level of alignment with the strategies defined by the organization in its strategic planning. Research conducted worldwide shows that organizations with high performance in projects have among their characteristics the projects aligned with their strategies. On the other hand, these same surveys show that in many organizations the level of alignment is low, that is, project portfolios contain in their composition projects that are not aligned with organizational strategies. The PSACanvas - Project Strategic Alignment Canvas - was created to support organizations in prioritizing and selecting projects based on aligning them with strategic objectives as well as using the organization's restricted resources.