Align your projects with the strategic objectives and other prioritization and selection criterias in more clear and objective way


The process of prioritization and selection of projects with the PSACanvas becomes more simple, objective and collaborative.

"There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all".                    

Peter Drucker


That famous quote of Drucker leads us to reflection that is not enough "execute rightly" the projects, but also "execute the right projects".


Faced with this, the selection and prioritization of projects (as well as business processes) should consider the level of alignment with the strategies defined by the organization in its strategic planning.


Researches conducted worldwide show that organizations with high performance in projects have among its features the projects aligned with their strategies.


However, the researches also show that in many organizations the level of alignment is low, what means the project portfolio contains in its composition projects that are not aligned to organizational strategies.


This occur, usually, because of lack of simple, clear and objective processes to make the selection and prioritization of projects.

The PSACanvas was developed to be an organization support tool for it to prioritize and select projects based on the alignment thereof with the strategic objectives and in the use of the restricted resources of the organization.


It also enables use other criteria in conjunction with the strategic alignment for prioritizing and selecting projects.


The model PSACanvas was tested over nearly three years in workshops held throughout Brazil to reach its version 3.0, and it continues to evolve to add improvements that make the strategic alignment process increasingly simple, interactive, collaborative, efficient and enjoyable to perform.


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Excel Workbook - SPCanvas and PSACanvas 3.0 - English

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And soon will be available the Portfolio Scenarios Canvas - PSCanvas - to support the comparison of different scenarios and select the portfolio to be conducted by the organization.


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